Future focused solutions for today’s challenges

Sustainable Solutions is a specialist consultancy offering strategy, advisory and research services to support sustainable transformation of urban landscape.

New social, economic and environmental infrastructure brings new business models and customer value propositions. Traditional finance products often do not cater for these investments, resulting in shortages in capital supply for business unusual. Without deliberate action, perceptions of increased risk combine with unproven profitability to undermine the potential to transform the landscape of urban infrastructure.

Our work focuses on the achievement of 4 SDGs, throughout South Africa and the region.

  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Affordable & Clean Energy
  • Climate Action

Thriving cities are socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and financially prosperous. To promote these outcomes, we have developed expertise in three key areas:

  • Affordable and social housing provides emerging households with access to economic hubs, offering social mobility, secure and comfortable lifestyles, and access to a range of desirable amenities;

  • Green building delivers efficient spaces for businesses and residents, optimising returns for investors and
    assisting governments in mitigating climate change and reducing peak power supply;

  • Decentralised energy and water solutions provide cost-competitive, continuous, localised utility supply options which reduce strain on public infrastructure.

To support the flow of capital, we pool multi-disciplinary skill sets to design innovative financial solutions in the spheres of climate and property finance:

  • Blended finance catalyses new markets and business models through mechanisms supported by partnerships between governments, DFIs and the private sector;

  • Green bonds raise debt capital for earmarked assets, projects and activities based on positive environmental and/or climate impact;

  • Financial products for energy and water efficiency match credit structures to the cash flow profiles of these investments, bridging the capital requirement through capitalising operational savings and/or revenue streams (examples are green mortgages and credit facilities for rooftop solar and building retrofit investments);

  • Social and affordable housing property finance expands access to quality housing for emerging households, including through public-private partnerships and the application of subsidies.

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